Cabin Unveiling/Ring Shout/Picnic

Cabin Unveiling/Ring Shout/Picnic Black woman standing on auction block +

Ifé Franklin's Indigo Project Presents the Ancestor Slave Cabin/Ring Shout/Picnic

Sunday, Sept. 10
3 to 7 p.m.
Franklin Park Valley Gates Parking Lot
Circuit Drive and Glen Lane, Boston

The ring shout was one of many unifying elements for the enslaved, from which field hollas, work songs and spirituals evolved/black gospel music/blues/jazz and burial music from New Orleans all derive. All of the defining elements of black music are present in the ring shout, as well as various forms of dance in African American culture.

Come witness and participate in this ritual to honor and give respect to Africans and African-Americans that endured enslavement. Wear all white and bring along a lawn chair or blanket to sit on. A donation of flowers and/or a dessert to share is greatly appreciated!

Taste of Chelsea

Great food! Great cause!